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What about us...

BW Scribes was born on a dreary weeknight  (we have many of those in the PNW) in the back of a pub where our old writing group used to meet.   That group, well it wasn't bad - it just didn't suit  us.  We wanted to talk less and write more.  We also wanted to write better and get published.  

That desire grew into the belief that we could back each other, push each other and make our dreams manifest.  Of course, that is a process that grows, changes, challenges, and doesn't end.

So we are independent self-publishing authors, producing one book at a time to provide you with the joy and satisfaction that comes from good fiction.

Visit us any time and see what we are up to.

Or sign up for email updates.  (We only email when there is an actual update, no one needs more spam!)

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