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Author Spotlight

AN Britton

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AN Britton is the first author we are publishing under the BW Scribes imprint.

FYI, that pic isn't her.  We couldn't get her to send us one or sit for one.  But she relented by sending a pic of her dog, Benji Benjamin.  She was too busy refining the cosmology for her Shadowed Ways series.  That is her fave pastime, envisioning alternate realities and world-building.

AN enjoys her hermit-like existence on the outskirts of Seattle in a home she shares with her husband and her very spoiled dog.  Outside of writing fiction, she enjoys cooking well, knitting badly, and scouring various sources for disturbing T-shirts.

Occasionally she ventures out to a street fair (funnel cakes!) where she makes her husband leave before she has to even consider using a port-a-potty.  (We swear she is more fun than this sounds!)

When asked why she chose to self-publish over traditional publishing, she tilted her head and said, "You know I'm a control freak, right?"  Um, yeah, we know.

Check back here for updates on her next novel in the Shadowed Ways series!

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